Work vs Artwork.

Howdy there inkers!

Our next few blogs will be centred on finding an appropriate art style and artist for your tattoo, and the best ways to go about it! First up we are going to look at the importance of not just seeking a tattooer, but an artist.

Designs by Sanni Saar.

When looking for a tattooer, it is important to not go shooting in the dark. You should be looking at artists work, their tattooing and their drawings, get a feel for their aesthetic and their influences, don’t approach a trad-artist about realism, don’t approach a realism artist about dotwork, if you want the best tattoo you get then it is important to pick out someone who has done work that you can look at and confidently say “I would wear that.”

Sleeve design by Heather Bradley.

Something else that is crucial in getting that perfect piece is to find an artist who can actually DRAW. If you want an original customized design, it should be performed by an artist who can create that piece for you. Our guys are all very talented artist’s first and foremost.
When it comes the time for you to pick out an artist, consider the following things:
– The style of artwork you want, have you seen it somewhere before? Are there local artists who can provide a similar style?
-The content. Do you think the artist you have in mind is going to be suitable to your ideas? If they suggest a different artist, maybe consider checking them out? Tattooers will never say no to a job they think they can do well, if they recommend someone else it may be because they are not the best-suited to the job!
-Be fluid. Try to understand the process, you will end up with a better piece by discussing your ideas and developing them with an artist. If you have picked a particular artist for a piece, it is because of their work! So let them have some creative input on your ideas, they may just suggest something you never considered!

Design by Sophia Lee.

That’s it for this week, inkers. We have an incredibly diverse palate of talented artists in our studio, we pride ourselves on our variety and our capability to take on any job, if you have an idea or a style, contact us and we can arrange for you to discuss it with an appropriate artist.

Design by Mike Banting.

Next week we will be talking about how to prepare for an enquiry/consultation. What information should you be giving an artist to get your ideas across right?

Til next time inkers!
-The Modern Ink Team.

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