Trend Alert: Blackwork.

Hey there inkers! This week we are taking a look at another style of work rising in popularity as of late, black-work.

Black-work is an interesting and unique approach to tattooing. It can involve tattooing entire sections of the body in solid black, and can be paired with negative space or white-work to create a unique and interesting piece of work. Quite often this work is larger in scale, sometimes entire limbs and in particular cases people have even set about creating entire body suits in this style of work.

Solid-black panel-work by Sanni Saar.

This work is currently a very hot topic, a few particular artists are creating beautiful works and as a result word is getting around that this may just be the time for black-work to have the lime-light. The reactions to this work are polarised, some people love it, some people loathe it. One thing is for certain but; black-work isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and if you love it, then its perfect, that’s what tattooing is all about!

In particular, Mike and Sanni both take on a majority of this work in our shop. The application and attention required to tattoo this work accurately is more complicated than you would expect, so finding an artist who excels in this style is very important!

Strongly-contrasted realism by Jesse Brothers.

If you wanted some more information about this style, you can check out this article we recently interviewed for by over here!

So that’s us for the week, ink fans! If you were interested in black-work or in finding out more about negative and black/white-work, we are only an email or a phone call away, let’s do it!

Negative-space chaos star done completely in dots by Sanni Saar.

We will see you all next week, have an amazing weekend!

-The Modern Ink Team.

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