Salutations inkers! And greetings too, hope you’ve all had a great weekend.

Scars. So many of us have them from such a wide variety of different causes. Sometimes scarring can give you self-esteem issues or can be a reminder of a painful or unhappy time in your life, and nobody wants that! Thats where we come in. Tattooing over scarred tissue is becoming more and more frequent in the shop every week. It is a creative way to turn something you may not feel good about into something you can be proud of!

However, tattooing into scarred tissue can be very hit-and-miss. With the possibility for such a wide variety in density, texture, and structure of damaged tissue, you cannot always be certain a tattoo is going to successfully hide it. This is when a consultation comes in handy, this is your opportunity to come into the studio and meet an artist so they can take a look at your skin and give you a %100 honest idea of whether or not they believe tattooing will achieve what you are hoping for.

While we can never guarantee anything until we meet you and see your skin in person, this blog is our place to communicate to you things like this! If you weren’t aware that scarring can be tattooed, or have had other artists not comfortable with tackling a difficult job, give us a shot, we’d love to be able to make you feel great.

Hope you are all ready to take the week on, speak again soon gang!

-The Modern Ink Team.

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