New Aftercare!

Howdy fans!

Aftercare, we all need it, some people do it, some don’t, and it shows in how a tattoo will heal. That’s why we’ve always made a point of trying to best educate our clients on how to care for their new work, so it heals looking as close to fresh as it can!

That’s why we’ve just introduced some new product to our arsenal from the team over at NumbSkulled. The NumbSkulled Salve and Soap will both be available for purchase in-studio from now on, alongside a new product we haven’t given a crack yet, a moisturizer with SPF protection to give your skin a good vitamin-dose and protect it from the sun, not to mention make your pieces pop!

So after your next tattoo, don’t forget to listen real good when we tell you how to do the thing with the goo, its crucial!

Beautiful rainy tattooing day in Fremantle today, hope you’re all having a great weekend.

-The Modern Ink Team.


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