Halloween Flash Night!

Howdy there ink-fans! How are we doing? Hope you’ve all been having a fantastic week.

This week we’re making a quick post to let you all know about our next big event!

Flash days. We’ve done them before and to a roaring success, they’re always crazy busy days where all of our artists get to do what they love most: their art.

Then you’ve got Halloween, its become an increasingly popular event every year and one that is held dear to the hearts of any creepy kid.

So we’ve decided to mix 2 great things to make something special.
Halloween Flash Night. Yep.

A massive range of Halloween-themed flash, from our entire team! Doors will open at 5 to clients looking to view flash, apart from that its the usual deal; first in, first zapped.

Got a hankering for a spooky tatty? We got you, fam. Lets hang.

See ya’ll cool ghouls there!
-The Modern Ink Team.

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