Get Real!

Gyroscope by Jesse Brothers.

This week we are taking a look at realism! Tattoo’s so crisp and realistic that they look like photos. There are artists around the world who have become internationally famous for executing flawless realism, it is difficult to achieve and requires years of practice and hard-work to attain. Our artists are constantly pushing themselves in the studio to improve, and hyper-realism work can be one of the most challenging style’s they can tackle.

Piece by Heather Bradley.

Fortunately, this style of work is another versatile and broad type that can contain an enormous variety of subject matter. Landmarks, objects, animals, portraiture, anything that exists and even things that don’t can be tattooed to seem as real as that which we look at with our own eyes each day. Black-and-grey or colour work are both viable for these pieces and either can create distinctive and unique tattoo’s.

Our primary realism artist Kris has been working in this style for over 10 years and has traveled the world with his detailed and expertly-performed work. He is willing to tackle any idea, and is constantly pushing his own boundaries to see what he can create. He has taken awards at international tattoo conventions for his work and continues to wow us in-studio every week with his newest works.

Feather/Tiger mix by Sophia Lee.

Edward Scissorhands by Kris Barnas.

Popular film characters, comic book heroes, beautiful animals, intricate flowers, everything is fair-game at Modern Ink with our artists, all you need to do is bring in an idea and let us make your next beautiful tattoo something to be proud of. Contact the studio for more information and let us give you the skin you want to be in.

Keep it real, people; we do.
Happy inking!

-The Modern Ink team.

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