Fresh Blood: Rory Heard.

We’re pleased to welcome another artist to our line-up! Fresh to Australia from New Zealand, Rory Heard is just another reason why we’re the one-stop shop in Freo, as he is a proficient and stylized oriental artist who is constantly churning out fresh designs in his unique flavour.

After spending some time honing his craft in his home-country, Rory is moving to Australia looking to diversify his work and continue on his career, developing his work wherever he picks up a machine.

Rory will begin tattooing with us on the 4th of August, and any client interested in being tattooed by Rory can arrange consultations by contacting the studio directly through the email engine in our contact section.

So there we have it, the newest piece of our tasty little pie. Like what you see? Get in touch, we’d love to give Rory a warm welcome with some new clients to share his work’s with, that could be you friend.

Until next time, stay rad!
-The Modern Ink Team.

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