Fresh Blood: Mike Banting

We are pleased to welcome another artist to our crew! The family continues to grow. So, its time to meet our newest ship-mate Mike Banting, aka Frozen Moon Tattoo.

Mike is a unique and stylised blackworker who specialises in occult and psuedo-gothic designs. Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of creative influences, Mike has spent his career so far refining his style and creating new and unique pieces that are all consistently his, all of his work is along the same line and he will apply his touch to any subject matter he can.

Alongside his own stylized designs, Mike is proficient in a variety of other styles and is always keen to tackle traditional and old-school designs on top of his normal repertoire. Which means we have yet another artist to take care of ever growing clientele, as well as diversifying our studio even more! We cant wait to see what Mike does with us and we’re all looking forward to working alongside him to see how he creates his unholy imagery.

So there it is, our newest salty dog. Anyone interested in arranging a booking with Mike can contact him directly via and you can see more of his work on his instagram @frozenmoontattoo.

Til next time ink-fans, have a radical weekend and dont forget to catch some downtime if you can.

-The Modern Ink Team.

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