Fresh Blood: Jesse Brothers.

Howdy there ink-fans!

We have some great news. We are pleased to welcome the newest member of our team, Jesse Brothers! Jesse is an exceptional black and grey artist who works predominantly in realism and illustrative black-work. Contrasted, abstract, ink-painting style images alongside crisp and precise photo-realism make Jesse the perfect addition to our studio.

Jesse’s style blends elements of photo-realism with a unique take on high-contrast illustrative imagery.
He is also looking to splash-out into other styles of work, and is constantly developing imagery that he can work into his repertoire.

Jesse’s unique brand of realism is strikingly stylized, and distinguishable. We are proud as punch to welcome this whiz-kid into our home, and to see the beautiful artwork he will make in the future!

So, if you think you’ve just found your new favorite tattooer, we cant blame you, it might be time to book in a consultation with our newest ink-slinger so you can wear his work!

Contact the studio now to arrange consultations or bookings, we’d love to meet you and work on you!

Until next time, cool kids.

Welcome Jesse!
Modern Ink.

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