Flash Day Leftovers!

Hey there, friends! How are we?

So as you know, we had a flash day a couple of weeks ago. Offering almost 250 original designs at a day like that means there will always be leftovers! That’s where you come in.

If you head over to our instagram @ModernInkFremantle_ you can see all our leftover flash, now available for booking!

Check under the bio to see our highlight reels. Each individual artist will have their own section that you can tap on to scroll through any available pieces.

Instagram is easily our most frequently used social media! If you are interested in our work, that’s the place to look for the most frequent updates and events.

Contact the studio directly if you’d like to arrange a booking or consultation for any of our leftover flash.

See something you like but that you’d want done differently? Lets talk!

Til next time, ink-fans, have a brilliant weekend!

-The Modern Ink Team.

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