Etch ‘n’ Sketch

Etched and Sketchy Tattoos.

Another style of tattooing we have seen increasing in popularity over time is something a little less precise; tattoos with sketchy qualities and etched shading. These tattoos are unique, individual, and can make fantastic pieces either as sleeves or stand-alone tattoos for people who are looking to do something a little different!

Tattoo by Sandra Saar.

A few of our artists love to work in this trending style. We have seen more and more people coming through our doors looking for pieces like this and are always open to suggestions for fresh ideas and creative new pieces that we can perform! As always, your imagination is barely the limit.

Come by the studio in the heart of Fremantle today to discuss your next great tattoo, nothing sketchy, unless you want it to be!

Have a great week!

-The Modern Ink Team.

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