Artist Focus: Sanni Saar

Time to take a closer look at another one of our cool kids, Sandra Saar. Sanni is our resident blackwork and dotwork/etching artist, who executes unique and very individual pieces that are sure to impress.

Often employing contrasting combinations of clean structural line-work with the random textures created using dot-work and etching, Sanni only continues to increase in popularity. Her work is clean, detailed, and beautifully executed. She applies her own unique style to any piece a client request’s of her and the result is always impressive. She is fluid in her style and willing to work with a multitude of ideas and content. She gives her own twist to anything she tackles and is constantly creating pieces you won’t see anywhere but here.

Sanni’s work has only become more and more popular during her time with our studio, and the quality only continues to improve. She is a unique and creative individual with a passion for her work and a personality to match it. Her clientele are always coming back to discuss their next piece with her and she continues to brand the people of W.A to ever-increasing popularity. Her abstract and twisted style is something that cannot be imitated.

You can check out more of Sanni’s work and contact her for bookings or consultations on her social media!

Instagram: @sannisaartattoo

Til next time, cool kids!
Have a great week.

-The Modern Ink Team.

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