Aftercare: How To.

So I got tattooed, now what do I do?

Tattoo aftercare is crucial to guarantee your work heals the way we put it in. Good aftercare and maintenance is the best way to make sure that your tattoo looks as great as it possibly can, and is also very important in guaranteeing no infections or complications during your healing!

Tattoo aftercare involves a few different factors. Initially, it is important to make sure of the following:

⦁ Sunlight can be your tattoos worst enemy! Avoid exposing it to excess sunlight that can be be both painful and damaging to the healing piece.
⦁ Getting the tattoo wet. Water can affect the healing of the tattoo and the vibrancy of it, so when washing it, it is important to make sure it is not exposed to more water than necessary, and keeping it out of chlorinated or sea-water is a must for the first few weeks!
⦁ Scratching or picking at the tattoo when it is flaking or itching can also damage it and have a negative effect on how well it heals. Yes, it will itch! No, you can’t scratch it!

When it comes to the aftercare itself, there are 2 main things that are important to administer daily:
⦁ An aftercare ointment applied in very thin amounts over the entire piece will keep it moist, and protect it from infection or irritation. This must be done for the entirety of the healing, so the piece should always have a thin layer of aftercare over it to make sure it never dries out or becomes irritated!
⦁ Washing the tattoo using a relatively basic, chemical-free soap will clear away any dirt from the open tissue and prevent it from building up or becoming infected.

At Modern Ink, we have the Numb-Skulled and Redemption lines of organic soap and aftercare ointment available for purchase at very affordable prices. The products are long-lasting, tested and proven to actually encourage good healing and are developed solely for the use of tattoo aftercare. The next time you are in our studio, ask us about the products and how to use them, we can give you a crash-course in good aftercare and make sure that your tattoo looks as great as it possibly can!

Til next time, inkers!
-The Modern Ink Team.

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