Trend Watch: Watercolour tattooing.

Something that we have seen growing in popularity over the past few months at the studio is watercolour work. Simple or sketchy line-works with splashes of vibrant colours can create unique and individualised tattoos that are either great as a stand-alone or even to bigger scales, entire sleeves of this style can really catch the eye and give you something distinctive to be really be proud to wear!

Because this work relies primarily on the colours and their dispersion, almost anything can be transformed into a distinctive and bright tattoo, the only limit on this is your own imagination! Particular motifs such as flowers and animals, symbology, or even abstract sketches all offer great opportunities to play with colour and arrangement, and can often take what could be quite a generic tattoo and make it something really special.

While our artists can vary in style, each of them is capable of employing this colour method to their work and are always more than open to our client’s ideas and concepts, all you need to do is contact the studio and we can arrange for you to have a talk and get stuck into your next favourite tattoo!

That’s it for today, friends!

Thinking about water-colour tattooing? Modern Ink is the place for you, lets talk!

Have a great week, keep it breezy.
-The Modern Ink Team.

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