Trend Alert: Geometry.

Its been another flat-out week at the office for us, readers, how was yours?

This week we’re going to talk about geometric tattooing, dot-work, sacred geometry, mandalas, all the good stuff. Its something we’ve seen continue to rise in popularity over the years but is also something deeply-rooted in several different cultures not only in tattooing but also in art, spirituality, and in some cases even religion!

Tattoo by Sanni Saar.

Geometric tattoos come in a variety of styles and designs and are more often than not; entirely unique. The basic idea is that the designs are built up of a series of tessellating shapes that can form a design that is either symmetrical or asymmetrical, it is completely up to the artist and client! Many tattooers will implement dot work into these designs, or will play with laying some sort of   tessellated pattern down with secondary designs over the top to create contrast and trick the eye a little too!

Nordic-inspired dot work tessellation and sacred geometry by Allan Tuul.

Mandalas are a particularly popular form of geometric tattooing, they are something we do every week basically! The designs are heavily based in spiritualism and the designs can be intended to reflect deep and personal meanings. Like any tattoo, the designs can be as unique and as great as you are.

Dot-work mandala by Sanni Saar.

So perhaps this could be the style you’ve been missing out on? Contact the studio so you can talk to us about your ideas and we can create your next great piece.


Until next time, stay safe and be rad!

-The Modern Ink Team.

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