Style Watch: NeoTrad.

Neo-Traditional Tattooing.

Tattooing is a diverse art-form, the limitations become less and less as time goes on and there are constantly new and exciting styles and artist’s emerging all over the world. Something that has developed and gained momentum very quickly over the past 5 or so years is neo-traditional tattooing. Neo-Traditional work has its foundations in traditional and old-school styles of work, but is modernized and adapted to the present capabilities of artists and their tools, higher detail, a more versatile palette, and a wider variety of subject matter, neo-traditional tattooing is a true sign of the evolution of tattooing and its adaptation to new and innovative methods of applying tattoo’s.

While the subject matter is broad and seemingly endless, it is always important to consider the working style of the artist you approach with this sort of work, some artists may be more effeminate than others in style, some may have more limited palettes that suit the tone of their work, others may be capable of doing virtually anything! It is worth looking around to find the perfect artist to take care of your tattoo’s for you.

The work more than often not relies on bold line-work and varied line-weight, defined and solid images that are crisp and accurate, complimented by strong textures created through colour or shading. Black and grey or colour works are both easily executed, and again this can depend on the working style of the artist.

So maybe its time for you to head to Freo and pay the studio a visit? We’d love to make your next tattooing experience a memorable one for all the right reasons, lets talk!

-The Modern Ink Team.

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