Getcha Hustle On: Hustle Butter now in-stock!

Howdy there ink-fans! How are we all doing?

In this blog we’ll be giving you the run-down on the new aftercare product we’ve introduced to the studio this month; Hustle Butter!

Hustle Butter was created in 2012, starting out as the worlds first cruelty-free vegan petroleum alternative aftercare and tattooing lubricant. Since its inception, the brand has only continued to increase in popularity and diversify in product range. Now offering a variety of tatoo lubricants, soaps, aftercares, and moisturisers, the Hustle Butter crew are the leading team in aftercare manufacture Internationally.

As our clientele only continue to increase, we are always looking for better ways to provide an exceptional experience from start-to-finish, and after trialling several different aftercare brands over the past 2 years or so, we’ve finally settled on a winner.

We will have tubs of Hustle Butter available to every client who gets tattooed by us, and because we’re here for the joy not the money, we’re retailing them for just $15 a pot! This aftercare lasts forever if you store it right, and can be used to heal multiple tattoo’s!

So do yourself a favour next time you get tattooed with us, and give the best aftercare on the planet a whirl, we’d love to see our stuff heal as best as possible and we’re confident that Hustle Butter is a strong contributor to that.

Until next time, see you in the hot-seat!

-The Modern Ink Team.

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