Fresh Blood: Lacey Hackett.

Howdy there friends!

We have new soldiers in our army! First up, lets take a look at our newest full-time whiz-kid, Lacey Hackett.

Lacey is a young but experienced artist with a penchant for black-work designs and occult themes, influenced by neo-traditional mechanisms with her own unique twist applied.

After apprenticing in Australia, Lacey then travelled Europe, continuing to develop her skills and refine her artwork, whilst tattooing in Germany. She is now back on the Aussie shores, and keener than ever to sharpen her fangs and develop herself as an artist and a tattooer.

Since joining us, Lacey has only continued to grow. Her stylised designs are original and intelligent, structural and clean. This style being applied to the subject matter she prefers to work with makes her another up-and-coming artist to watch, and we are so proud of her and her growth already. We cant wait to see where the future takes her!

Next up, we’re gonna be taking a look at a couple of artists we have guest with us from time-to-time. First up is Wade McGill.

Til next time!
-The Modern Ink Team.

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